• M.S. Candidate, KAIST, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Feb 2023 - Present
  • B.S., The University of Auckland, Department of Engineering Science, Sep 2022

Research Interests

  • Operations Research
  • Data Science

Conference Presentations

  • "Analysis Framework for deriving patient sharing communities in hospital networks", Im, J., Kim, J., and Lee, T., 2024 KIIE Annual Spring Conference, Yeosu, Korea, May 3, 2024
  • "Patient Sharing Network Analysis of South Korean Hospitals using NHIS Claim Data", Im, J., Kim, J., and Lee, T., 2023 KIIE Annual Fall Conference, Ulsan, Korea, November 3, 2023

Research Projects

  • 순천형 공공보건의료 마스터플랜 추진전략 수립 연구용역, 순천시, Jan 2024 - Mar 2024
  • 지역 필수의료 제공체계 진료권 조정, 국립중앙의료원, Jul 2023 - Jan 2024