Seoul National University Boondang Hospital Ophthalmology

Improving customer satisfaction by process redesign for a crowded outpatient unit

 A typical ophthalmology department is one of the more complex systems in a hospital. Patients go through many processes before and after seeing a doctor: eyesight test, dilatation, which is a preparation process for the examination, and various types of diagnostic tests and exams are all key elements of an ophthalmology process. These elements along with other supporting activities such as  making appointments interact with the main process of doctor treatment to present high complexity.

If the process flows are not well-managed, it will experience negative outcomes including excess customer waiting time and sub-optimal utilization of medical resources. This is very important issues as it affects the level of customer satisfaction and, possibly, financial stability of the hospital.

In this project, we attempt to improve the ophthalmology department of SNUBH by providing high quality care process and thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

To achieve this goal, we assess the current processes of the ophthalmology department. We collect the process-related data and analyze customer satisfaction to identify key problems. Then, we find solutions which can improve the efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we also provide practical guidelines to successfully implement these solutions to SNUBH ophthalmology department.



This research is sponsored by Seoul National University Boondang Hospital.