Developing Pandemic Response System


 The spread of H1N1 in 2009 has raised awareness for the importance of credible prediction of pandemic diseases and pandemic response system. To enhance our nation's pandemic response capability is a critical and imminent task, and Modeling and Simulation (M&S), provides proper framework to achieve the task. Using M&S technology, our real world is constructed in a virtual environment, and we can conduct system analysis, prediction of its behavior, and evaluation. M&S is finding increasing applications in natural and social science and engineering, and studying epidemiology using M&S is gaining particularly strong interests.


 Goal of this research is to develop core technologies for M&S-based pandemic response system. We will study various technical components for disease spread model and healthcare delivery system models. Interactions among these models will be captured and implemented so that the overall system can aid in systemic and dynamic decision making encompassing the entire chains from disease outbreak to strategy development, to system's response to them. Thus, this study aims to provide fundamental technologies to develop M&S-based pandemic response system by conducting researches in 1) pandemic disease spread model and 2) healthcare delivery system model, both of which are specific to our nation's environment.