Developing Network-Centric Modeling Technique


 It is anticipated that future warfare environment is developed as an aspect of NCW (Network Centric Warfare), EBO (Effective Based Operation) and integrated battle space thanks to the advanced science and technology. We have focused on the concept of NCW especially. NCW is a key component of DoD planning for transformation of the military. NCW relies on computer processing power and networked communications technology to provide a shared awareness of the battle space. Proponents say that a shared awareness increases synergy for command and control, resulting in superior decision-making, and the ability to coordinate complex military operations over long distances for an overwhelming war-fighting advantage.


 In the NCW environment the numerous and various military resources should be represented, the analytical demand using M&S (Modeling & Simulation) has further increased over time. The role of this M&S is to measure practical effectiveness of NCW environment as considering the economics for using numerous military resources. However, the most current M&S systems reflect only the unit behaviors and interactions of each weapon system and consider a simple battlefield situation. There are limitations to analyze the behaviors of managing weapons cooperatively and sharing the situational awareness over the networks of distributed sensors, C2, and shooters using them.


 Therefore, we research the new design of the network centric warfare modeling system using the agent-based modeling and simulation approach.