Mobile Harbor System


 Design and verification for innovative port facilities including container crane robots and mooring controls with a primary objective of dramatically improving container throughput between in-land operation and container ships.


 The successful design of novel port service solutions has the potential to dramatically improve container throughput capacity. As such, with global port capacity stretched to the point of exhaustion and demands continuing to increase, the solutions will be of great benefit to international economies as well as Korea. Our designs could spawn a portfolio of intellectual property that is used worldwide.


Research Plan

1. System design of the mobile floating harbor for the container handling capacity    which includes port system architecture, port services, visual verification systems.

2. System design of loading / unloading facilities for improved container handling    which includes multi-crane robot control, autonomous loading and unloading    crane robot, mobile delivery module, connecting and disconnecting system,    ultra-light crane structure.

3. System design and simulation of safe floating structure which includes stabilization    system and steering system.