Health Care Delivery System

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 Healthcare industry is among a few industrial sectors that are most certain to continue to grow in future both in terms of its magnitude and importance in any developed county. While there are many research areas under the umbrella of health care, healthcare service delivery is where knowledge in engineering is readily transferrable as there exists an analogy between health care service delivery and engineering systems. On the other hand, by being a service system, human behavior – as individuals and organizations – is a critical determinant for success, defying straightforward, mechanistic application of technical solutions. To tackle this important problem, many renowned universities throughout the world are opening research centers for healthcare service, and many of these centers are hosted in engineering or management school as interdisciplinary research programs. Korea¡¯s healthcare service system is facing rapid changes in its socio-economic environment, and there are many problems that require serious research effort in the healthcare service delivery area. Healthcare service delivery occurs at the intersection of three key constituents: patients, provider, and payer. Many other players affect, and even govern, the dynamics among these constituents, defining the healthcare service delivery process.

Health care

 In this research, complex nature of healthcare service delivery system is understood, and how engineering systems knowledge can be applied to problems in health care delivery systems is studied. We use various engineering methodologies including Axiomatic Design, Lean thinking, queuing analysis, and discrete event simulation for a wide range of real world healthcare service delivery systems. In particular, we will conduct research in the following topic areas:

- Redesign healthcare service delivery system to achieve higher quality (at hospital, community, and national level)

- Develop new healthcare service model and improved delivery process utilizing IT

- Develop capability to manage ¡°surge¡± demand (disaster preparedness)

In addition, we are collaborating with colleagues in economics and political science to address broader issues in healthcare systems:

- Effectiveness of healthcare policies and models to predict policy outcomes

- Innovation and differentiation strategies in Korea¡¯s healthcare service