Samsung Electronics

"A Research Model for Consumer's Perception of Online Consumer Reviews"


Samsung Electronics

"Location Problems for Designing Trauma Care System in Korea"



"Development of Combat Effectiveness Metric Using Network Representation of Combat Environment"


Aalborg University(AAU) - Post Doctor

"Optimal allocation of emergency medical resources in mass casualty incidents"



Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management

"Factors affecting user acceptance of the online health information providing service"

Samsung Engineering

"Factors affecting consumer's trust on internet health information"


"A study on scenario screening for stochastic disease spreading models using simulation"



"The effect of each measure of the network centralities in the aspect of disease intervention"


Republic of Korea Air Force

"Study on the optimal location of low altitude air defense radar"


"Infrastructure Interdependency Modeling for Cascading Failure Assessment"


"Maximal covering location problem modeling on the passive bistatic radar systems for detecting small unmanned aerial vehicles"

  TMAX Soft



"Mathematical modelling and optimization of distributed capacitated kidney paired donation programs with transportability of kidneys after nephrectomy"